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Malaysia SEO Web Design & Web Application Development Company

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With 16 years experience in the web development world, we help clients to achieve their objective in the most cost effective manner.

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Our Web Development Track Record Since 2008

387 websites were developed with 96% Renewal Rate.

449 web applications were build with <0.4% Code Bug Rate.

100% of our projects are rewarded through referral/repeating customer.

Our track record speaks for itself. We are currently still improving the efficiency of every aspect in our company's operations. Now we are striving to improve the support response rate to < 8 working hours, reduce bug occurance to < 0.3% and quotation response rate to < 8 working hours. arrow

How do these statistics help in my project? Tell me how?

We Are Goal-Driven

Web Design Goal

We get things done by focusing on your objectives.

We are trained to focus on the project's goal. We are a result-oriented company where we focus on the objectives of the project through our 3 working principle; increasing efficiency, reducing cost and triggering sales. We adopt at least one of the working principle to all of our projects.

How You Can Help My Business?
Web Design Goal

What We Can Do For You?

What we can do for you - website

Professional & Conceptual
SEO Website Design

Fully customized, unique and creative web design that is designed to focus on customers' requirement with better achievement. The layout and design is totally different compared to other websites. You will hardly find any website that is similar to the one that we designed.

Website Design Services

Web Customization and Web CMS

Web Customization and Web CMS

We do provide fully customized system development services that suit your requirement. CMS management is very easy to use. We are not only capable to customize the IT system, but also capable to do engineering customization.

Content Management System (CMS) Services
Web Customization and Web CMS
Website Maintenance

Website & Server Maintenance

Starting a website is a tough job. Maintaining a website is much more difficult.

It required a team of minimum 1 programmer and 1 designer in order to make your website up to date. The maintenance cost sometime is much higher if you have your in house programmer and designer. We truly understand your concerns. Hence, let us take care your website and server. We have a series of live tools to monitor your website health from time to time. We can react faster if any update needed.

Let's the professional do the professional work. You focus on your business.

Website & Server Maintenance Services

Ecommerce & Sell Online

Ecommerce & Sell Online

We make your selling online experience as easy as possible. We can setup your ecommerce store within 1 hour and you can start selling within 24 hours. Start your ecommerce today and don't let your competitor get ahead of you.

Ecommerce Services
Ecommerce & Sell Online
Internet Marketing and SEO

Internet Marketing includes Google SEO and Google Ads.

Thoughout the last 10 years, we helped our customer achieved their objective especially in online marketing. We are SEO agency in Malaysia since year 2014. SEO is very effective if you sell services. If you selling consumer products, then Facebook or Instagram is more suitable for you. We will help you identify your target customer and assist you to plan out your marketing strategy.

Google SEO Service
Internet Marketing and SEO

Industry 4.0 / IoT

Web technoogy is playing very important role in Industry 4.0 and IoT especially in manufacturing industry. We capable of integrating latest web technology together with the legacy machine in order to generate more value to the factory. Lets the machine "alive"

Industry 4.0 / IoT

What Our Customer Said :

Thank you Ideaone for helping us establish another marketing arm in the internet world. Our sales increased by 14.7% for the first 6 months since our engagement with them. Now the sales figures are still increasing. Celine C (Eplug Marketing) Managing Director

Don't waste your time. Your competitors are already taking action against you.
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