Website Design & Web Application Development Company

Website Design & Web Application Development Company

Ideaone System Solutions Sdn Bhd (1109588-W) started as web design company in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur since 2008. We are a group of professionals and talented IT savvy people that are very passionate and believed IT that can bring changes in conventional local business, especially on SME.

With average of 9 years experience in digital world, we help clients to achieve their objective in cost effective and very efficient manner.

We Create
better website.

We love to develop clean, unique and result-driven web sites and web applications. We work for a variety of clients, from small and medium enterprises to multinational organizations.

Custom-mode Website

Custom-made Website.

Unique Identity for website

Unique Identity.

About Ideaone

The reason that makes us unique is because of the strong hold to our company philosophy in highest satisfaction, creativity and quality.

Our Works
mobile website

Our primary goal is to build a cutting-edge website for your business that will do the job for which it is intended to boost the bottom line.

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Contact Us

Our Philosophy

We help our clients to find more customers.
(That is our ultimate goal of helping our clients)

3 Principles of works

All our works must meet at least 1 of the following result :

  • Works that reduce the cost.
  • Works that increase the efficiency.
  • Works that will trigger sales.

Let the professionals do the professional job

Web Design and internet marketing requires intensive and broad IT knowledge to do the job. It is same as how lawyers and doctors work. We, as professional IT talents, conducting our job in very professional manner to ensure the quality of work being delivered to clients. We had more than 12 talents from different field that are ready to work for you.

We have professionals specialized in IT Infrasturcture, Branding, Graphic Design, Website Development, Programmer, photographer, videographer, internet marketer that are working closely to provide 1 stop solutions for you. Once you engaged with us, you do not need to find other providers. All IT services is ready for you. We help you handle your IT manner from basic to complex tasks. Let the professionals do your professional task.

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37 Reasons to Choose Ideaone

  1. A group of talented and professional IT savvy person that have average of 5-7 years working experience. We know what has happened in the IT world.
  2. We provide solutions and free consultation.
  3. We work as what we promised.
  4. We provide one stop solutions to our customers. We nearly cover 90% of your common asked question related to IT.
  5. Each of our talents is very passionate on their own expertise. They know what is the best solutions for the problems.
  6. We do customization based on customer's requirement as we know different company have their own business flow, even if they are from the same industry.
  7. We do customized solutions based on customer's budget. Any amount is good amount for us. However, functionality of the product is proportional to the allocated budget.
  8. We deliver based on your schedule.
  9. Work in progress/Demo URL will be provided during the development. Therefore, customer can check for the result from time to time.
  10. Support system established. We have a support team that can assist to answer your question during working hours.
  11. We have technical support direct contact number that can help you just in case you have technical issues. However, we do not do support outside working hours.
  12. Multiple solutions available for you to choose. We have solutions from Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design, Ecommerce, Customized System to internet marketing.
  13. Staff in charge of IT infrastructure also available for any networking and hardware issue.
  14. We are capable of helping you to build your IT department from ground. We even can help you hire talents to fit your company IT needs.
  15. We provide training for each of the completed project. There will be a training class conducted for your staff. No limit to number of attendance.
  16. We not only executor, we also provide you valuable advices for free so that you can manage your website efficiently. However, there are certain limits that websites are unable to do.
  1. We do provide very detailed analysis before we kick start any project.
  2. We write down very detailed requirement before we kick start project.
  3. We have checklist for you and we do update you the project progress from time to time.
  4. We help customer to reduce cost, increase efficiency and stimulate sales through our projects.
  5. We will work closely with you, help you identify the needed contents and provide cost effective solutions from start to finish.
  6. All website that we build must be SEO friendly.
  7. Any website or system bug after the delivery will fixed free of charges. Note, it is not included for those system developed by third party.
  8. We work closely with government department so that we know if there any update on the latest laws and regulations.
  9. We have proven track record for success projects. Our client ranging from micro enterprise to public listed company.
  10. We consistently send our employee for training to gain new knowledge and experience.
  11. Your website will be backed up from time to time so that you will not lose all your datas. * Only applied for those who use our hosting company.
  12. We build responsive websites. It can be displayed correctly on various mobile devices.
  13. We simplify updating process. We create very easy user interface and good user experience (UI/UX) so that customer can update the website or system easily. As long as admin know how to use microsoft document, then they will be able to update the website easily.
  14. We provide short response time (Working hour only).
  15. We had instagram expert that can help you to grow your customer list.
  16. We not only capable for IT solutions, we also capable for engineering programming.
  17. We are a "commit and deliver" team.
  18. We are a disciplined team.
  19. Work closely with local third party service provider.
  20. We are open minded and always ready to accept new ideas and suggestions.
  21. Able to assist in automation in business processes their software which help to cut or staff costing.

What our customer said :

Thank you Ideaone for helping us establish another marketing arm in the internet world. Our sales increased by 14.7% for the first 6 months since our engagement with them. Now the sales figures are still increasing. Celine C (Eplug Marketing) Managing Director

Our Clients