Risk-Free SEO Service Package Malaysia

Why Pay SEO fee if you cannot see result in first place?

You may come across this scenario : You hire an SEO agency to do SEO for your website. The SEO price is sky-high, range from RM 12k to RM 20k. And they asked you to pay before they undergo the SEO services for your website.

They said that you will see the result within 3-6 months. Ok, you understand this is the industrial practise for SEO. So you wait for 3-6 months.

After 3-6 months , they said that your keywords are competitive , the Google's algorithm is changed, your website need improvement etc. with lots of excuses, and they ask you to extend another 3-6 months. Ok, you agreed and wait and wait...

After another 3 to 6 months, your website is still unable to rank any single keywords in Google 1st page. You ask for refund. Well, if you are lucky and engaging a responsible SEO agency, they will refund to you. If you are not lucky, all the SEO fee that you paid (RM 12k to RM 20k) are burnt or only get a small portion of refund.

For many years, There are lot of SME in Malaysia, regardless small or big companies, have suffered from this non-performance SEO that they have paid.

That's the main reason why we offer "Risk Free SEO Package". You only need to pay us when the targeted keywords are ranked ! In other words, you don't have to pay us any upfront SEO Fee before you see result.

How is the process of SEO services?

1. Agreement and keyword research.

Both parties mutual agreed on the targeted keywords and sign up a contract, you also agreed to grant us the administration right to manage your website and domain DNS.

2. Start Work

We start to SEO, estimated take 2-4 months to see some result.

3. Ranking Review

Website ranking report will be generated and will send to you every month.

4. Keyword Ranked and Pay

Any agreed keyword ranking reach to top 10, we will charge you as per agreement in contract.

5. Repeat the same process of SEO.

Every month, report will be generated and send to customer. Any ranked keyword will be charged.

Sound too good to be true? Or just SEO marketing gimmick ?

No, we are a web development and SEO company in Malaysia for more than 12 year. We have more than 100+ clients and some of them are government agencies and big-name corporation such as Prudential, Public Bank, Chatime and more. We are confident to get your keywords rank, and we can afford to WAIT your website to be ranked in Google first and then collect you payment.

Don't waste your time. Your competitors are already taking action against you.
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