Risk-Free Google SEO Service Package & SEO Price Malaysia 2024

Why pay Google SEO services fees if you cannot see results in first place?

You may come across this scenario: You hire an SEO company to optimise your website. Before beginning SEO services for your website, they ask for payment in advance, the SEO price ranges from RM 12k to RM 20k.

They guarantee that you will see the improvements in 3-6 months. You wait for three to six months because you realise that this might be standard industry practise for SEO.

After 3-6 months, the agency comes up with lots of excuses, such as your keywords are competitive, Google's algorithm has changed, or your website needs improvement, etc. They ask you to extend the services for another 3-6 months. You agree and wait and wait...

After another 3-6 months, your website is still not appearing on Google's first page even for any single keyword. You ask for a refund since the service didn't meet your expectations. If you are lucky and engaged with a responsible SEO agency, they will refund your payment to you. However, If you're unlucky, though, your entire investment in SEO (RM 12k to RM 20k) could be lost, or you might only receive a tiny amount of a refund.

For many years, the majority of small or big SME companies in Malaysia have suffered from these unsatisfactory non-performing SEO services that they have paid for.

That's the main reason why we offer the "Risk-Free SEO Package." You will only pay us when the targeted keywords are ranked! In other words, you don't have to pay us any upfront SEO fees before you see results.

What is the process of Google SEO services?

1. Agreement and keyword research.

Both parties mutually agreed on the targeted keywords and sign up a contract, you also agreed to grant us the administration rights to manage your website and domain DNS.

2. Start SEO Work

We start working on SEO for your website, estimated take 2-4 months to see some result.

3. Rank tracking

Our Advance Rank Tracking Software will trace your keywords ranking EVERYDAY and compare with your competitors.

4. Keyword Ranked and Pay

Any agreed keyword ranking reached to top 10, we will charge you as per agreement in contract.

5. Repeat the same process of SEO.

Every month, report will be generated and send to customer. Our SEO report is very comprehensive with Chart and Figure and more than 10 pages!

Our SEO Package Price Start From RM 18,888/year (Approx RM 1574/month)
with target 30 Keywords In Google Desktop + Google Mobile.

You don't have to pay any SEO fee until you see your website rank on Google !

Sound too good to be true? Or just SEO marketing gimmick ?

No, we are a web development and SEO company in Malaysia for more than 15 years. We have more than 100+ clients and some of them are government agencies and big-name corporation such as Prudential, Public Bank, Chatime and more. We are confident to get your keywords rank, and we can afford to WAIT your website to be ranked in Google first and then collect you payment.

Google SEO Service Packages & Price Comparison Malaysia Jan 2024

Ideaone EX Company BT Company SH Company IM Company
No. of Keywords Optimized 40 keywords 30 keywords 30 keywords 40 keywords 30 keywords
SEO / Website Audit
Search Engine Target Google.com
(Desktop Malaysia)
+ Google.com
(Mobile Malaysia)
Google.com + Google.com.my Google.com (Malaysia) Google.com (Malaysia) Google.com (Malaysia)
Competitor Analysis Only in Premium Package
Keyword Research
On-Page Optimization
(title, meta, h1 etc)
Off-Page Optimization
(Backlinks, website structure etc)
Monthly Keywords Ranking Report
Monthly Competitors Ranking Comparison Report
Monthly Google Analytic Traffics Report
Monthly Demographic Report
(Countries, City, Device, Age, Gender)
Monthly Conversion Report
(Leads Report)
Google My Business Optimization
Schema Markup
(Star Rating, FAQ etc)
Only in Premium Package
Guarantee Keywords Rank
Price RM20,000/year
RM48,000/year RM24,000/year RM23,000/year RM48,000/year
* Content Writing separate charge.
* This price is applied to Google Malaysia only.

FAQ For Google SEO Service

Q : What is your unique selling point for Google SEO services?

A : We don't collect any upfront payment or deposit until your website is ranked. In other words, we will optimize your website and ensure it ranks in the top 10 on Google first. You only make the payment after seeing the ranking results.

Q : How does this "no-upfront" or "no deposit" Google SEO Service work?

A : Your website and domain DNS must be managed by us, and we will start to SEO your website. You just wait for the keywords to rank, and then you make the payment.

Q : Are there any terms and conditions or contracts for your Google SEO Service?

A : Yes, a fair contract is prepared to protect the interests of both parties.

Q : Can I request to rank for specific keywords?

A : Unfortunately, we do not guarantee the ranking of any specific keywords. In fact, no one in Malaysia dares to guarantee the ranking of specific keywords unless the keywords are very niche.

Q : Can I request a customized Google SEO Service Package?

A : Definitely, please contact us for more information.

Hurry, We only offer to first 20 clients who sign-up with us !

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