Customized System

We believed that every company have their own working flow even they are from the same industry or same business. A minor different way of operation will have different efficiency of result. In Ideaone, we help you design and create the system that suite you.

Our Approach

Customized System is actually advanced system of CMS. We are focusing in contents pass down, task automation and efficiency of the system. Customized system must be able to help clients in term of cost cutting, man power deduction, time saving, fast data delivery, accuracy of the data, data recovery and data security. User Interface is one of our main focus during system development. We will ensure that users are very easy to adapt into our system usage and they are able to accurately execute their task with 3 clicks procedure rules.


A good system is should supported by a very well designed database system. A good database design will ensure the success of the system. We have more than 5-year experience in designing a database that contain million rows of data in a table, and fast instruction per second that need to access database. Later stage, features will be designed base on client requirement.


Final stage will be security. Our system is passed through penetration test. We follow internet standard procedure to ensure the data is safe with our system. We do follow internet trend to watch up any security issue arise that will be affecting out system. If yes, we will enhance your system for FREE OF CHARGE.

What system that we had done

1. Agent Management System
System that integrated email and agent portal together where agent do not need to re-login again for email once they had login to the agent portal. This system is used for data communication from the management to agent.
2. Container Management System
This system is to track the container shipment from China to Malaysia. System also help to track the order and check for the order status.
3. Consignment Note Printing System
This system is built and open to public so that public can do the printing by single click. API is ready for integration.
4. Stock inventory with Bar Code Reader
Stock Management system integrated with bar code printer and scanner. Now owner can track the quantity of the product that they generated and customer can now track where is the product. Besides that, system also help to keep track on the warranty.
5. Database Collector System
This system majority used in property industry. This system capable to auto generate unlimited form so that we can feed to any of internet marketing or offline marketing. Generated form will consist of 3 major input details (name, tel, email). Result can be exported to excel.
6. Property Management Community Portal
This system is built to help management office collecting monthly maintenance fees. Beside that, this system also integrated with accounting software and residents can make online booking for the facilities.
7. Hotel Room Booking System
This system is online on the internet so anyone can do booking reservations and accept the payment. Communication between server need to be very accurate and real time.
8. POS System for Chinese Restaurant and Retails Shop
POS system is created with card access, or username and password as login identity. Suitable for large scale Restaurant or Retails shop as full function available for them.
9. Task offer and tender system
This system is to let community to offer any task or job or selling purposes. Then services provider will bid the task.

What Our Customer Said :

Thank you Ideaone for helping us establish another marketing arm in the internet world. Our sales increased by 14.7% for the first 6 months since our engagement with them. Now the sales figures are still increasing. Celine C (Eplug Marketing) Managing Director

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